MPCC 21 Week Equipping Cell

Being equipped for ministry

Part 1
  • Week 1
    • Introduction
  • Week 2 - 5
    • Our Salvation (What God has done for us)
    • Our Statements (Why we exist as a church)
    • Our Strategy (How we fulfil Christ's purposes for His Church)
    • Our Structure (What our responsibiliites are in being a member of God's family)
  • Week 6 - 8
    • Understanding what spiritual gifts are
    • Discovering our spiritual gifts
    • Avoiding pitfalls & confusion about spiritual gifts
Part 2
  • Week 9 - 10
    • Understanding the church as a loving, accepting, & forgiving force
    • Understanding how we are to serve God
  • Week 11 - 14
    • Serving God in a cell group
    • Spending time with God in serving Him
    • Having vision & faith in serving God
    • Understanding the importance of relationships in serving God
Part 3
  • Week 15 - 17
    • How to share Christ when you feel you can't
    • Sharing the foundations for believing and being baptized
    • Sharing "Eight Foundations for Building a Relationship with God"
  • Week 18 - 21
    • Getting To Know God (God's Word in the life of a believer)
    • Communicating With God (Prayer in the life of a believer)
    • Living By The Spirit Of God (Christ's Lordship & the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer)
    • Putting On The Full Armour Of God (The armour of God in the life of a believer)

For more information about MPCC's 21 Week Equipping Cell, click here For further enquiries about being a part of one of MPCC's 21 Week Equipping Cells, please contact the MPCC church office.