Welcome to The City

The City is a fantastic tool to help our church family to connect, build community, share, care, serve, and more effectively be the body of Christ.

Questions & Answers

Why does the church need The City?

In this fast-paced world in which we live, it has become increasingly difficult for many members of the church family to be connected with others in the way that the Lord intends for us to be. The City is specifically designed to help the church to stay connected, to enhance communication, and to enable us to better be the body of Christ.

Is The City just another social network?

No. Popular social networks are geared more toward individuals. The City is specifically geared toward small groups that make up the church, enabling those groups to more effectively build Gospel-centred community, communicate, care for and serve one another.

How does the church communicate within The City?

The City is designed to enhance communication with others within MPCC’s church family, sharing needs and ministry opportunities and keeping each other in the loop as to how the Lord is at work building His Kingdom among us. Communication centres around groups within the church family, whether it is connect groups, cell groups, salt and light groups, or service groups.

How do you start using The City?

If you are part of the MPCC church family, you just need to request an invitation to join The City by emailing the MPCC church office at mpcc.e12@btconnect.com. Once you’re in The City, then simply spend time on it, browsing around and checking out all the features.

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