Special Speakers for 2019

Date Speaker
27th January,          2019 Ferdie DeGuzman: Director for Frontiers Mission

10th February,      2019

 Angel Tiebas, missionary with London City Mission

24th February,      2019

 Mike vanVuuren, Director of Operation Mobilisation and former OM missionary serving in South Africa, Mozambique, Spain, Zimbabwe, and on MV Doulos

24th March,    2019 Daniel Ghinn, CEO of Creation Healthcare and marketplace minister and speaker

 7th April,                  2019

Ginny Perkins & Carol Seymour, working with Central African Missions in D.R. Congo

21st April,                  2019

 Lyle Hall, YWAM missionary to East Africa, based in Iringa, Tanzania

28th April,          2019 Dr.Clifford Hill, international prophetic Bible teacher, author, and Editor-in-Chief of PROPHECY Today UK, who was also the founder and editor of Prophecy Today in 1985
19th May,        2019 Jason Van Haaster, author, speaker, and Director of London City Mission

2nd June,                    2019:  8.00 am

 Chacko Thomas, coordinator of Missions Mobilisation Network (MMN) and a missionary with Operation Mobilisation, having served in India, and on three of OM's ships, the Logos, Doulos and the Logos ll, in various ministry and leadership roles

2nd June,                  2019: 10.30 am

 George Verwer, international Bible teacher and evangelist, author, an advocate for worldwide missions, and the founder and former International Director of Operation Mobilisation

23rd June,                2019

Tough Talk, a group of men who have turned their backs on their past lives of violence and crime to follow Jesus. Come and watch them perform using their amazing strength to tell their amazing stories

21st July,                  2019

Trevor Withers, pastor of Network Church in St Albans and executive team leader of Cell UK

29th September,  2019

 Rev. Derek Cleave, author and international Bible teacher and evangelist

27th October,          2019

Teen Challenge London: Music and testimonies about reaching out with Christ's love to those who have developed life controlling problems, especially drug and alcohol addictions

10th November,    2019 Brian Scully, Team Leader and speaker for Open Doors UK